Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, June 2015, Vol. 9(S)
Special Issue: The 4th International Cryptology and Information Security Conference 2014 (Cryptology 2014)

Improved S-Box Construction from Binomial Power Functions

Herman Isa, Norziana Jamil and Muhammad Reza Z'aba

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Substitution boxes with strong cryptographic properties are commonly used in block ciphers to provide the crucial property of nonlinearity. This is important to resist standard attacks such as linear and differential cryptanalysis. A cryptographically-strong S-box must have high nonlinearity, low differential uniformity and high algebraic degree. In this paper, we improve previous S-box construction based on binomial operation on two power functions over the finite field $\mathbb{F}_{2^8}$. By widening the scope of the power function and introducing new manipulation techniques, we managed to obtain cryptographically-strong S-boxes which are better than the previous construction.

Keywords: S-box construction, binomial power functions, nonlinearity, bijective, substitution boxes



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