Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, December 2020, Vol. 14(S)
Special Issue: 2nd International Conference on Applied & Industrial Mathematics and Statistics 2019 (ICoAIMS 2019)

Paired Solutions of the Jeffery-Hamel Channel Flow Utilizing Nanoparticles in a Kerosene

Naganthran, K., Md Basir, M. F., Nazar, R., and Md Ismail, A. I.

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Received date: 15 January 2020
Accepted date: 30 July 2020

Jeffery-Hamel flow is notable for the applications in the high-current arc in plasma generators, chemical vapour deposition reactors and expanding/contracting regions in industrial machines. The current study is devoted to present the paired solutions of the classical Jeffery-Hamel flow from a source or sink vent within the convergent/divergent channels in a kerosene-based nanofluid that contains copper as the nanoparticle. The suitable similarity transformations are applied to obtain the governing boundary layer equations in the form of ordinary differential equations. The MATLAB solver bvp4c function solved the model efficiently and gave all the numerical results as the parameters vary. The existence of paired solutions is noticeable at a certain range of the channel angle. The increment in the nanoparticle volume fractions found to be delaying the flow separations.

Keywords: Convergent/Divergent channel, Jeffery-Hamel flow, nanofluid, paired solutions



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