Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, March 2023, Vol. 17, No. 1

On the Solution of a Nonlinear Fractional-Order Glucose-Insulin System Incorporating $\beta$-cells Compartment

Ahmad Alalyani

Corresponding Email:

Received date: 12 May 2022
Accepted date: 29 September 2022

In this work, we are interested in studying variations in plasma glucose and insulin levels over time using a fractional-order version of a mathematical model. Applying the fractional-order Caputo derivative, we can investigate different concentration rates among insulin, glucose, and healthy $\beta$-cells. The main aim is to obtain the numerical solution of the proposed model in order to show variations in plasma glucose and insulin levels over time, by applying the generalized Euler method. The local stability analysis of the proposed (discretization) Caputo fractional-order model was discussed. To check the feasibility of our analysis, we have investigated some numerical simulations for various fractional orders by varying values of the parameters with help of Mathematica. Numerical simulations were in good agreement with the theoretical findings. Three specific numerical examples are given as applications of the main results.

Keywords: nonlinear fractional-order model; glucose-insulin system; $\beta$-cells kinetics; generalized Euler method



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