Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, August 2017, Vol. 11(S)
Special Issue: The 5th International Cryptology and Information Security Conference (New Ideas in Cryptology)

Published: 31/08/2017

Nitaj, A.


Al-Saidi, N. M. G. and Yassein, H. R.


Bunder, M. and Tonien, J.


Wong, D. C. K.


Rahman, N. N. A. R. and Ariffin, M. R. K.


Mohamad, M. S., Poh, G. S. and Chin, J. J.


Abu, N. A., Salim, F. and Ariffin, M. R. K.


Shehu, S. and Ariffin, M.R.K.



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